Parenting the Mental Health Generation

The Power of Stories, A Conversation with Northbrook’s Tara LaCerra

August 24, 2023 CATCH, Community Action Together for Children's Health Season 3 Episode 1
Parenting the Mental Health Generation
The Power of Stories, A Conversation with Northbrook’s Tara LaCerra
Show Notes

" I guess we shouldn't make up someone else's story," stated a kindergartner after hearing the book Milo Imagines the World by Matt de la Pena.

That is the powerful message one kindergarten student walked away understanding from their library time with Tara LaCerra. LaCerra is a beloved librarian at one of our local elementary schools. She sees firsthand how our youths’ mental health has changed over the last decade; the anxiety, the frustration, the struggle to build resilience. And she shares a message of hope noting that stories are still powerful tools for self-identification and acceptance of others. Amy and Dr. Lisa sat down with her to start season three of Parenting the Mental Health Generation, LaCerra talks with our podcast hosts about how stories and conversations create connections with our kids.

Check out our Show Notes for all of the wonderful books she brought with her to share during our conversation.

06:00 Wait Until 8th Instagram
10:43 Perfectly Norman, Tom Percival (preschool-3rd grade)
11:43 Odd Dog Out, Rob Buddulph (preschool - 3rd grade)
12:39 El Deafo, Cece Bell (3rd-7th grades)
13:28 Starfish, Lisa Fipps (5th-6th grades)
22:22 Milo Imagines the World, Matt de la Pena (preschool-3rd grade)
26:46 Don't Feed the Worry Bug: A Children's Book About Worry, Andi Green (preschool-2nd grade)
27:06 Parenting the Mental Health Generation: Help! My kid is falling apart!
27:47 Fish in a Tree, Lynda Mullaly Hunt (5th-9th grades)
30:16 Each Kindness, Jacqueline Woodson (kindergarten-3rd grade)
33:55 Dr. Becky's Good Inside website

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