Parenting the Mental Health Generation

Real Talk: Essays from Real Life, "Am I brave enough?"

April 20, 2022 CATCH, Community Action Together for Children's Health Season 1 Episode 0
Parenting the Mental Health Generation
Real Talk: Essays from Real Life, "Am I brave enough?"
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Do you ever wonder if you’re the only one struggling with bumps and pitfalls on a daily basis? Listen to Real Talk: Essays from Real Life, straight from the CATCH Journal at

We’re recording those heartfelt and honest stories from parents and others for those who’d rather listen than read. When you hear people share their most vulnerable moments, you’ll know you are not alone.

So put in your earbuds and listen to Real Talk: Essays from Real Life.

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As May 1st and ‘decision day’ for many seniors is just around the corner, am I brave enough?

My son has found his college and is planning on attending the school in the fall. As a parent supporting a child struggling with their mental health, it’s not easy to embrace the delight of the here and now and the fact that he has found his next step and is excited to try. 

I know many parents wrestle with “letting go” and allowing their child to leave the nest at this milestone. My struggle is about “letting go” of my fear and allowing myself to celebrate this moment

When he was a freshman, I honestly was not sure he would finish high school. I have spent years trying to find just the right three words, sequences of steps, even the lucky pair of socks to wear to get him to school, help him feel better, anything to take away the awful anxiety monster and depression demon. He’s worked hard to make this moment happen. Now in this time of genuine happiness and joy, I feel paralyzed with fear to live here. I’m afraid that if I go all in and celebrate today, I will cause the bubble to burst. It feels like if I just keep holding my breath, he’ll keep doing well. After all, I found my lucky socks – finally! 

In reality, he will stumble in the fall. He will handle it. We may even decide he needs to take a different path later. We are good at figuring out different paths. There are no lucky socks. There are learned skills, resilience, and love. I need to put away the magical wand with the magical thinking, exhale, take the college sweatshirt pictures, cry, smile and take a cue from my beautiful boy and be brave.

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